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Monthly contributions will be deducted on 15th of each month. If you require weekly contributions, please use the Bpay code to set up an automatic regular payment from your bank

Say Hello to earnie

earnie’s on a mission to make investing easy. To make your money work harder and get you where you want to be faster. To put you in control of your own hard-earned cash.

How? By sharing knowledge freely and simply. By ditching the jargon and empowering you to do it yourself through a simple online platform.

So, whether you want to get on the property ladder, start your own business, or simply travel the world, earnie can help you get there sooner.
Welcome to simple smart investing.

earnie is a New Way to Save

Forget the traditional savings account, earnie is an investment platform designed for a new generation of investors.

  • No minimum investment – start small and make regular contributions
  • Finance know-how and smart tech – supported by investment experts and global financial platforms
  • Support and advice when you need it – experts on hand via phone and web chat
  • Flexibility to choose – simply select the profile that you believe most closely reflects your needs
  • You’re in control – make changes or withdraw money whenever you want
  • A fresh simple approach – no financial jargon and a range of content to help demystify the investment world

It's This Easy

earnie takes the hassle out of investing. There’s no unnecessary financial jargon and the entire process, from registration to investment, is totally online – no bank visits, no meetings, no waiting around. Just follow these these 4 simple steps.

Answer a few simple questions


Select your investment profile


Connect your account and deposit funds


Sit back and watch your money grow


We've Got Your Back

earnie is built on the investment expertise of global partners, Morningstar Inc and Praemium. Collectively they manage over $260 billion in assets, helping investors across the world to reach their financial goals.

Global Partners

earnie’s Ready to Start Working for You

earnie is waiting to apply smart technology and financial expertise to help your money grow.

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